Custom apps development


We offer customized solutions when developing business apps. Our apps are mainly addressed to digital marketing, but our solutions can often also be applied to different purposes. Our apps can offer virtual reality experiences or add contents and animations to printed materials through augmented reality. Through GPS location our apps can offer different content according to the user’s position.


Designing business apps is a very delicate part of the job. A careful analysis of the needs is the fundamental requirement to create incisive proposals. Smartphones and tablets offer interesting potentialities that we take into account when making our proposals. For what concerns the users, we pay particular attention to their experience by designing as simple and accessible apps as possible. From the client’s perspective, we pay attention to the collection of the users’ usage data. If complementary tools like cardboards or brochures are involved, we take care of their production or we collaborate with the appointed graphic studio to make their product functional to the app usage.
Creating custom apps is a process that requires a lot of attention to the clients’ experience: the success of an app very often depends on its ease of use.


The client is involved in the business app development process. If the app is expected to get publicly released, at the end of its development the client is added as a beta tester and receives on their smartphone or tablet all the production phases. If the app does not get released on the public market but gets only installed on the client’s device, the client is still involved by using one of their smartphones for the testing.
Graphics, audio content, and online content are refined and concluded during the production phase.


We are highly experienced in releasing apps for both Android and IOS systems. Usually, we produce the apps for both the systems and we manage the gathering of all the material needed to create their pages for the digital distribution markets; this means that we take care of the whole publishing process until the final approval.



Official app of the multi-sensorial exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. You can play with the most famous paintings, look at machines with augmented reality and navigate the map to discover the exciting journey of Leonardo da Vinci 3D


Martinenghi presents Michelangelo POP through a virtual reality experience at the discovery of the heart of the Michelangelo digital printing machine